Purchasing plants that are we know are void of chemical pesticides can be challenging; finding ones that have not contributed to to manufacture of plastic in the stages of their growth from seed to pot or plot is almost impossible.  To experiment with this we are offering select herbs and vegetables in soil blocks treated with only need oil and diatomaceous earth.

Soil blocks are created using metal moulds of ascending sizes. As the seedling matures, it is transplanted with its soil block into a larger soil block. The roots from the plant gradually bind the soil together to help maintain the integrity of size of block it is placed in. Eventually, the plant should be placed in a garden bed or large pot. Using soil blocks is the most eco-aware means to avoid single-use nursery plastic.



Finding healthy-looking organic leafy greens in the middle of winter is another challenge we face and when we find them, who knows who sneezed or coughed all over them?

For residents in the Mahone Bay Area, during the winter months we can deliver a freshly planted tray of microgreen seeds that you can place in your own kitchen counter or window sill and snip away at for the freshest food you’ll find for miles around. Microgreens are packed with nutrients to keep you healthy and smiling throughout those winter months, so not only will you avoid other people’s cold and flu germs on your food, you will not have any of your own to spread around. If you really love your daily dose of fresh greens, having your own tray that you can cut from as you wish avoids the use of single-use plastic bags that are necessary to keep delicate lettuces and greens from losing their moisture in the fridge.



Do you have a sunny window that could be improved by filling it with plants?

With our home designs you can be a window box gardener year round using your own recyclable household containers. If you don’t like to use soil, we can also help supplement your containers with the bits and supplies to clone and grow your own plants.




Do you have a favourite plant that you would like to propagate, but lack the patience or time to tend to it?

We would be glad to help you out, or at least give it a try using our cloning and bubbling stations. Cloning can help avoid those small perils of growing from scratch and ensure the traits you like are guaranteed. We have a 80% success rate using our stations and nutrients. Give us a choice fresh cutting and only pay if we succeed.