It appalls me that we are all exposed to harmful pesticides and other chemicals on a daily basis, via food we buy in our supermarkets, and that it’s all absolutely legal and regulated. You might think that our government exists in order to protect us consumers from this kind of thing, but in reality the government’s main role is to protect business, and the growth of the economy so there is literally nobody looking out for us, except ourselves. Business, in this case industrial intensive agriculture, ultimtely is unable to care about anything except profit, because if they did they would soon be out-competed and put out of business by less scrupulous operators. It is a race to the bottom in terms of public health. Every system has its downside – this is one of the Capitalist Achilles’ heels.

Rampant and unrestricted extractive Capitalism such as we enjoy today, would be fine in a world with infinite resources. But the ravage of the oceans and the pollution of the atmosphere show us how small our little planet really is. High wages do inspire people to work harder and build for the future, but if they are too high they make the world an utterly unfair place where smug, self-congratulatory billionaires rule all. It is all incredibly obviously a terrible way to run the world, but the rewards are so great that the lucky few who benefit can expend many millions on maintaing public ignorance of this fact. Climate Denial science has largely been backed and funded by the billionaire barons of the oil business, or by highly dubious ‘academics’ who are on their payroll.

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