I spend a lot of time day-dreaming about projects I want to do, when I should probably just be doing them. That’s not to say that day-dreaming is bad, because without it I would never have come up with this¬† idea of a way to get your morning caffeine fix, and line your tummy with one bowl.

Sometimes even a latte can be a little overwhelming first thing in the morning, especially if you have a double-shot of espresso. As I was recovering from another minor caffeine overdose the other day, it dawned on me in my hyped-up reverie that as well as using sweet & frothy, latte-style milk on my morning oatmeal I could also add in the espresso.

I have not looked back!

The espresso machine was already hot from our ritualistic but still much-needed morning lattes, so 30 seconds with the steam wand until the jug was just a little too hot to hold, 150F, perfect! I poured it hungrily over the oats & coco in my bowl, and started sup-supping away with a little teaspoon. Mmmm! The milk takes on a thicker texture when it has been steamed, and gets sweeter too so it was pretty good. But it was overly runny – I need to add more oats tomorrow.

As soon as I put my lips to my bowl I thought, “Why didn’t I add an espresso to this too?”


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