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Welcome to Pots of Love. We specialize in small-scale and ecologically-friendly gardening practices, which include minimizing the use of single use waste, or, otherwise reusing and upcycling it wherever we can. We operate a seasonal garden market in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, where residents and visitors may stop in, rest and refresh themselves among the flowers, and glean ideas they might use to grow their own food, enhance their own gardens, and find creative solutions to make use of commonly discarded household waste.

Our laboratory is a 1.4 acre property on the outskirts of town where we dig, drill, decorate, and test our ideas and products.

The world we live in is in constant flux, but right now in particular we are seeing big changes.

As we try to shed our addiction to plastics which choke our oceans, and food flown in from countries with starving populations, we all need to change how we do things.

Join us as we develop a new way to enjoy growing our own food at home. Food that we know is free of all chemicals except those we ourselves choose.

Let's change the way we eat, starting at home.


In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected experts can advise you in in the following areas:
Our soil blocks are all-natural, plastic-free alternatives to nursery pots. Soil blocks are packed with nutrition to take your seeds from seedlings to adolescent plants before you plant the permanently in the ground.  Bring your own recycled container to avoid additional waste
We can help you grow your own herb garden inside your own home all year round using your own recycled containers. If you know what goes on and in your food, and pick it fresh from your silks, we believe your food tastes better.
From November to May, enjoy the pleasure of growing and harvesting your own microgreen trays in your own home at your own convenience. Register to receive a pre-seeded tray of these little nutritional wonders on a regular basis.

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For those interested in new technologies and projects we are designing.
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Home Projects

Presenting some of our personal projects and, too, could try at home with things you probably have around you.


Meet the people who dream up this nonsense.
Dan McArdle
Dan McArdle


Enjoys growing plants, experimenting, and extreme dreaming; Dan’s infectious enthusiasm will make you smile.

Poppi Smith
Poppi Smith


Origami constructivist, colour collector, and relatively silent partner.

Mushroom McArdle
Mushroom McArdle

Evil Genius

From the hot streets of an African city, to inches away from the wood stove in Canada, don’t come between this girl and her organic catnip.


    Junior Crafter

    This newest member of our team enjoys paper craft and exploring new ways to reuse household packaging. She asks all young pups to find fresh solutions to help preserve the quality of “the Outside”.

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